Table Top/ Ruby Counter  
  Table Top I
Capacity  |   Division  |    Pan Size
15gm 2g 285mm*252
30gm 5g 285mm*253
  Table Top II
 Capacity   |    Division   |    Pan Size
15gm 2g 285mm*252
30gm 5g 285mm*253
  Table Top III
Capacity  |  Division  |    Pan Size
15kg 1gm 285mm*252
30kg 2gm 285mm*253
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  Ruby Counter
Capacity |  Division  |    Pan Size
5kg 0.5g 230*180mm
10kg 1g 230*180mm
20kg 2g 230*180mm
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        TABLE TOP/
  • ADDI load Cell
  • Dual Capacity
  • Advanced Microprocessor
  • Bright LED Display
  • Tare Function
  • Auto Caliberation System
  • Power Safe mode
  • Long Battery Back up
  • Liter Function
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