About Us   
The company's Philoshophy as manifested in its products and international affiliations protray the belief that information is the most important resource for effective management of organized endeavor, be it the duplication /reproduction of information , its storage or retrieval or even its destruction.
The company's structure, keptsunder constant review, comprises well defined functional departments.

Each handling a specific facet of the operation that go into building an organization dedicated to complete customer satisfaction.
Our Design and Developement groups has enabled us to pioneer the indigenous manufacture of ELECTRONIC WEING SCALE.
The group impliments our manufacturing plan , and checks that EUROTECH products always mantain the high levels of qualitative execellence worthy of the Eurotech.

The vitality of this group receives top managements prime attention to ensure the evolution of dynamic product-related field marketing strategies, always keeping in mind coustomers interest.

Our field personal are carefully selected and appropriately guide to convert sales opportunities into firm orders leading ultimately to customerdelight with the company's products and services.

  • 24 hours emergency assistance numbers.
  • Free estimates on major repairs and overhaul of all
    scales and weighing systems.
  • Maintenance contracts to keep scales operating within tolerance.
  • Leading edge solutions to interfacing new and existing scales to computers we are at the forefront of this in our industry.
Our material selection takes care of the inventory and distribution of spare parts/consumables.
While maintaining a constant vigil on the deployment of monetary funds, and keeping management's attention focused on the "bottomline", the company's finacial group ensures that corporate plans are not inhibited by lack of finacial resources.

Our electronic data procesing department produces relevant management information and is working to computerize several function within the company to enable us to stay sleek,efficient and quick to react to change.

We are constantly identifying opportunities for enriching our range of products and services, incorporating the latest state of the art technology to enhance to our customer need orientation, thereby,seeking to be a vibrant multi-faceted digital weing scale co.


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